Diving trips

Just 20 minutes from Valencia without tolls, you will be surprised by the life that we find in the bottoms of Cullera.

Diving trips from a boat with a guide, in different areas of our coast, and always in the waters of Cullera, where you will find typical Mediterranean flora and fauna. These are carried out at different points, depending on the state of the sea and the level of the diver, there are for all levels and experience. You are always accompanied by a guide who tells you in detail the entire diving procedure, before, during and after the dive, our priority is YOUR SAFETY and FUN. The mouth of the river Júcar, contributes quantity of nutrients responsible for the abundant life that we can find in our dives.Visit our photo albums https://www.facebook.com/delfin1995, you’ll be surprised.

Diving areas

CORVAS: depth between  18 -24.5 meters

ALEXJU: depth between16-19 meters

ALVARO: depth between 16-20 meters

PARED FARO: depth between 18-25 meters

LA VIRGEN: depth between 18 – 27 meters

LA DORADA: depth between 19 – 25 meters

SAN ANDRES: depth between 19 – 21 meters

LA VINYETA: depth between 9 – 13 meters

CIUDAD LUZ: depth between 18 – 24 meters

ELIO: depth between 18 – 24 meters

LA PENYETA: depth 9 meters

FIDEL: depth between18 – 24 meters

LA PEDRA D’EL CABALL: depth 6 meters

FUERA: depth between 27 – 34 meters

BUIT DE BUCHIA: depth between 19 – 25 meters

POLVORILLA: depth between 18 – 22 meters