With the SNSI Rescue Diver course you will view diving from a different perspective: besides being self reliant you will now also become aware and know how to respond to other divers if an emergency arises!

The objective of the SNSI Rescue Diver course is to teach you the proper techniques in order to carry out a rescue or a self-rescue.

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The SNSI BLS and First Aid program will make you a socially responsible individual. Training you to help others in every day emergency situations and properly carry out a CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation).

The purpose of the course is to properly train you (so that you retain the knowledge acquired) with the psycho-motor techniques needed to apply CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation), you will also obtain information related to risk factors, life styles, the signs and proper response to survive and how to assist others.

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The same as a yachtsmen, divers also realize the importance of being aware of their own position at all times. An SNSI Navigation Diver is trained to note reference points and natural markings and be able to return to the point of entry for the dive, additionally he can also rely on the proper use of his compass, a very useful tool to navigate underwater and maintain a route to and between interesting dive sites.

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Divers are frequently attracted to greater depths, it may be to challenge yourself, hone your skills or to simply observe a particular dive site. With the specialized training contained in the SNSI Deep Diver course  you will develop the techniques and self confidence to dive to the maximum depth of 130 ft / 39 m.
With the knowledge imparted in the manuals and the in water practices you will soon dominate the equipment configuration and planning required to carry out these dives.

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A truly advanced diver always uses nitrox to improve his comfort and fun.

The purpose of the course is to know the great advantages of oxygen-enriched mixtures and use them to their full potential, improving comfort and increasing the usability of diving.

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With a dry suit you can dive year round, visit sites that you thought not possible because of the cold waters, and extend your bottom time and enjoy your usual dives with a much higher level of comfort.

No matter your level, with the SNSI Dry Suit Diver specialty, you will easily learn the use of a Dry Suit: after training dives, water temperature will no longer be “a factor to worry about”, but an integral part of your diving equipment.

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Gliding in a horizontal position with no resistance through the water, floating weightlessly while reducing air consumption and gaining bottom times and being able to perfectly control your position without disturbing the precious sea bottoms or ascending to the surface is fabulous.

To have good buoyancy is key to a fun and safe dive: by learning and practicing the exercises during the specialty SNSI Hovering Diver you will become automatically aware of your best position, while increasing your mental dexterity, tranquility and comfort like you have never experienced before.

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A common goal of most advanced divers is to dive in different environments and conditions:
When we dive at night we can observe creatures that hide during daylight hours and view forms of life of unthinkable colors, or practice other activities in waters with limited visibilities, such as lakes. The SNSI Night Diver masters the navigation and communication techniques to be able to dive at night or in limited visibility. Diving always brings surprising and new discoveries, frequently our flashlight’s narrow beam will show us a world that we may have otherwise missed, with a natural wider angle view.

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The SNSI Wreck Trek Diver will teach you how to truly dive wrecks. With a maximum depth limit of 98ft / 30m the dive plan can include penetrating the wreck with natural daylight and visible entrance and exit. If the dive on the wreck is planned without penetration, the maximum depth allowed increases to 128ft / 39m. The depths and profiles can vary according to the training and certifications that you posses, for example, if you are certified SNSI Deco Diver, you can dive to the greater depths allowed and enjoy longer dives.

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Being a diver is a valued privilege, but being able to capture fragments of such a world by taking images, that tells a story is really an enjoyment. The SNSI Underwater Photography program is a complete course, wether you are a professional photographer and already own professional equipment, or if you want to begin with an inexpensive underwater digital camera, this program is ideal for you

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The SNSI Recreational Deco Diver course will teach you to dive to a maximum depth of  150ft / 45 m, beyond the non-decompression limits. If you feel the “non decompression” time limits are restrictive, yet you prefer to continue to use your recreational dive equipment instead of opting to participate in the technical diving programs, then the SNSI Recreational Deco Diver course is ideal for you. By simply adding a small tank with Nitrox 32 to your side, you will be able to use your diving computer beyond the time limits of recreational diving and increase your bottom times.

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The SNSI Side Mount course will teach you a different equipment configuration. The dives utilizing a Side Mount configuration are totally different from the back mount traditional equipment, many find the Side Mount configuration less straining. The training requires dedication and practice to dominate the skills and personal configuration.

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