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The SNSI Dive Guide is the first professional level within the SNSI system.

The SNSI Dive Guide is an excellent diver very familiar with the local underwater environment and has extensive knowledge of the waters, temperature variations and visibility and is committed to the protection of the local reefs and wrecks. The SNSI Dive Guide is very familiar with the local laws and requirements for SCUBA Diving. In addition he is master of navigation and certified in First Aid and Rescue.

The SNSI Dive Guide is  qualified to guide certified divers of all levels on none training recreational dives.

The course academic sessions and open water sessions are determined by the SNSI Dive Master Instructor based on the need and experience of the candidates. The materials for the course includes the Dive Guide manual.

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The SNSI Divemaster is qualified to perform the duties of a Dive Guide and those of an Assistant Instructor.

The SNSI Divemaster course is an integral part of the SNSI professional levels. As a Divemaster you will be able to guide certified divers in addition to assisting SNSI Instructors during recreational courses, in both the academic and practical sessions.  The course requires a minimum of 10 academic sessions and 5 sessions in open water. Furthermore, there is a required internship which consist of working closely with an SNSI Instructor during an entire Open Water Diver course.  Through the Divemaster program you will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to be certified as an SNSI Divemaster.

With the SNSI Divemaster certification you can convert your diving passion into a profession and work around the world as a Dive Leader or Assistant Instructor.

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